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Grizzly Cartridge, LLC ammunition is of the highest standard, and you can feel confident in your choice for your handgun, rifle, or Safari ammunition needs. All lead loads for Grizzly Ammunition are using our Cast Performance Bullets.

Cast Performance Co. sells high quality bullets that will effectively meet your needs for hunting large game, and bring a sense of peace for protection while enjoying the hunt.

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Product Categories

From cast performance bullets to remanufactured ammunition, Grizzly Ammunition has options for your rifle cartridges, revolver cartridges, bullet products, and handgun ammunition. Pick the perfect fit for your gun.


Whether you own a pistol or revolver, we have handgun cartridges for 9mm, 10mm, 357 handguns and more.

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For your range gun, we offer new and remanufactured ammunition. Take your pick of range ammunition to suit your gun needs.

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If you own a rifle, we have rifle ammunition for you. For both safari and long range rifles, Grizzly provides the best ammunition.

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With Grizzly’s “Second to None” motto, you can trust all of our pistol ammunition types are the best for your 9mm, 45 AUTO, or 10mm pistol cartridges.

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Check out Grizzly’s revolver ammo for your 41 Magnum or 38 Special revolver and be a confident gun owner.

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For your range gun, use Grizzly’s remanufactured ammunition, celebrated with its distinguished quality and customer satisfaction.

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The best ammunition is a necessity for all Safari rifle owners. Use Grizzly Safari for the best rifle cartridges.

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Long Range

With our engineering and innovative techniques, Grizzly Ammunition has the best ammo for long range shooting.

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Cast Performance Bullets

Coated with proprietary clear lube and cast from virgin alloy, our Cast Performance bullets are easy to use and perfect for your gun.

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