Here at Grizzly Cartridge, we take pride in our cutting-edge engineering, manufacturing, and strict quality assurance. After-all, it is these processes together that allow us to provide you with the highest quality pistol cartridges on the market. Our ammunition is held to the highest standard and serves a variety of markets – from United States Law Enforcement and armed forces to your personal protection, our handgun ammo will help you make every shot count.

Our modern cartridges are made for a variety of pistol calibers and fits, including Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, and others, all boasting impressive accuracy and a lighter feel when compared to other ammunition suppliers. We are stocked with tapered and straight-walled cartridges for your 9mm, 45 AUTO, 10MM firearm, and more.

When searching to buy new handgun ammunition, look no further than the pro’s here at Grizzly. With our “Second to None” motto, you know you can rely on our first-rate handgun cartridge case and bullet quality. Whether you’re shopping for Rifle Cartridges, Automatic Pistol or Revolver Cartridges, Grizzly has you covered. If you are looking to become a retail dealer, contact us for bulk ammunition.

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