10MM 200gr JHP

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Caliber: 10MM
Bullet Wt: 200gr JHP
Velocity: 1250 fps
Rounds: 20

M.E.: 694 ft. lbs.

Recommended for Self Defense and Shooting.

2 reviews for 10MM 200gr JHP

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    Jay M Gordon

    New to the 10mm pistol hunting scene. I bought several brands of ammo in different weights but this ammo is just amazing with its accuracy. I look forward to hunting with it this deer season.

  2. 5


    Purchased the 10mm 200gr JHP for Montana woods carry. Two rounds over Grizzly 220gr Hard Cast FP. By stacking two JHP’s I’m prepared for moose or a wrong thinking perpetrator. The 220gr Hard Cast loads are adequate for big bears, if needed.
    Retired law enforcement captain. I can personally attest to the absolute effectiveness of the 10mm in a defensive situation.
    A well trained individual packing a 10mm cartridge filled with properly selected Grizzly Cartidge ammunition for woods carry, stands a very good chance in a critical situation.

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