10MM 220gr Hard Cast FP

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Caliber: 10MM
Bullet Wt: 220gr

Bullet Type: Hard Cast Flat Point
Velocity: 1200 fps
Rounds: 20

M.E.: 703 ft. lbs.

Made in the USA: Yes

Recommended for: Bear Defense and Hunting

2 reviews for 10MM 220gr Hard Cast FP

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    So far I have shot 5 boxes of 20 of the grizzly 220gr, hard cast through my xdm 10mm with 4.5″ barrel and have no problems. Of course it’s going to have some recoil, but it’s the heaviest projectile for the 10mm and I use it to carry in the woods of North idaho. Decent groups and cycles well through my gun.

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    Paul Rutkowski

    Fantastic round!!! I strongly recommend that if one is to enter into territory ,in which he/she could very well be on the critters’ menu, that a reliable 10mm, capable of readily handling these rounds, ( like my Springfield Armory XDM ), be practiced with and subsequently accompany the hunter/fisherman, hiker. etc.,on their endeavors.
    Very probable, it could save your life!!!

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