38-55/260gr LFNGC 100ct *.378*

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38-55 265gr. Long Flat Nose Gas Check

*Sized .378*

Nose .410

Meplat .250


2 reviews for 38-55/260gr LFNGC 100ct *.378*

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    David Walkki

    Used over 500 bullets in my Browning hi-wall at targets at 300-500 yards. They have never failed to deliver reliable accuracy. About 2″ at 100 yd. 6″ at 300 yards is the best that I can do open sight. They knock over 40-50 lb. targets consistently out to 300 yds. Simply put, these are the only bullets I use.

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    I recently had a 94 Winchester 30-30 rebored by JES to 38-55 winchester. I tried several different bullets looking for a good target load and a good hunting load. Out of all the bullet/powder combos I tried, these bullets on top of 32 grains IMR3031 gave 1755fps 10ft from the muzzle grouping less than 1.5″ at 50yds and around 2.5″ at 100yds with a Williams 94FP peep sight and a Marbles .290 Gold Beed front sight. These bullets are very accurate and they mean business. At that velocity these bullets will zip clean through an Elk longways let alone a Deer at woods ranges. I fully intend to punch shoulders when I apply it to game animals. Probably won’t expand, even through shoulder bone but the whack that bullet is going to put on a 4 legged friend of the forest ought to be impressive to say the least. In fairness, I didn’t buy them here but fully intend to due to availability reasons in the near future. By the way, I just stuck with that load for practice as well, why not practice with what you mean to do business with.

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