38 SPECIAL 158gr SWC Cowboy

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Caliber: 38 SPECIAL
Bullet Wt: 158gr

Bullet Type: Semi Wad-Cutter ~ Cowboy
Velocity: 900fps
Rounds: 50

M.E.: 284 ft lbs.

Made in the USA: Yes

Recommended for: Target shooting

1 review for 38 SPECIAL 158gr SWC Cowboy

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    I just bought the last two in-stock boxes (the last four boxes total) of this SWC Cowboy load because the first two boxes weren’t enough. I tested these out in my S&W 637 and Ruger LCR and they felt great. Plenty powerful enough for self-defense (these are in my speedloaders after my first load of wadcutters). The order processing and shipping was very fast! Thank you Grizzly for an appropriately powerful (and coated) SWC load!

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