45-70 +P 460gr WFNGC

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Caliber: 45-70 +P
Bullet Wt: 460 Grain WFNGC
Velocity: 1850 fps
Rounds: 20

M.E.: 3496 ft. lbs.


Recommended for hunting Deer, Bear, Elk and Bison.

2 reviews for 45-70 +P 460gr WFNGC

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    E Thompson

    I shoot this load in my Ruger #1. Recoil is stout, not for the timid.

  2. 4


    I shot this load from a Henry. Solid, reliable ammo and I will continue to buy Grizzly. However, I have mixed opinions about using them on bison. My son and I both shot bison this past year with them. These are hard cast rounds so they produce almost zero deformation. Every round blew clean through the animals except one, and the one recovered was almost in perfect condition. Definitely good if you need pass through.

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