500 LINEBAUGH 435gr WFNGC (950 fps)

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Caliber: 500 LINEBAUGH
Bullet Wt: 435gr

Bullet Type: Wide Flat Nose Gas Check
Velocity: 950 fps
Rounds: 20

Made in the USA: Yes

Recommended for: Hunting – Deer.

1 review for 500 LINEBAUGH 435gr WFNGC (950 fps)

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    Brian Oyler

    A friend gave me 120 rounds of this ammo about a year ago and I was able to take a 330 lb. wild boar with it, one and done at around 85 yards with a custom BFR Bisley. Excellent ammo, produced a consistent 1032 FPS out of my 6 inch barrel, great ammo and low recoil,to me it recoils less than my .44 Magnum 629 Classic with a 5 inch barrel with Hornady 240s. All around excellent ammo, for dangerous big game I’d definitely go for the faster 435 grain load or the heavier 500 plus load but this would work if it’s all you have and you can hit where you aim.

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