357 MAGNUM 180gr WFNGC

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Caliber: 357 MAGNUM
Bullet Wt: 180gr

Bullet Type: Wide Flat Nose Gas Check
Velocity: 1350 fps
Rounds: 20

M.E.: 728 ft lbs.

Made in the USA: Yes

Recommended for: Hunting – Deer, Bear

5 reviews for 357 MAGNUM 180gr WFNGC

  1. 5

    Andy Weaver

    1850 fps from my carbine and 2.5” groups at 150 yards. I shot a 250 lbs trophy blacktail in the brisket and found the bullet under the hide of his ham for almost 5’ of penetration. Breaks both shoulders on 200 lbs hogs and always exits. Multiple Mouflon ram and hogs were dispatched quickly. Sighting my carbines in 2” high at 75 yards puts me 2” low at 150. Perfect performance.

  2. 5

    C. Morris

    Chronograph registered them at 1280fps out of my 2.25” ported revolver. Elmer Keith would be proud.

  3. 3

    Casey jasnoch

    I purchased this ammo for my Henry lever action I was very impressed with the accuracy. I will not purchase another bullet for deer hunting. I’m sold. Awesome ammo.

  4. 5


    Very good ammo love it keep making these

  5. 5

    Andy Weaver

    Used this load in my Marlin carbine to shoot a 6 point Rosevelt Elk this year. Hit him at 80 yards. First shot hit the entry side scapula and exited through the offside shoulder. Fully Obliterated the offside shoulder. Second shot broke the entry side leg squarely and exited between the ribs on the offside, At which point he was down for the count. Mighty impressive.

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