357 MAGNUM 200gr WLNGC

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Caliber: 357 MAGNUM
Bullet Wt: 200gr

Bullet Type: Wide Long Nose Gas Check
Velocity: 1300 fps
Rounds: 20

M.E.: 750 ft lbs.

Made in the USA: Yes

Recommended for: Hunting – Deer, Bear

6 reviews for 357 MAGNUM 200gr WLNGC

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    The best .357 for me. Hits like a 44 mag but can be loaded and carried in my Ruger GP100 for a lighter and more portable package. Accurate load out of my GP100. Perfect load/gun for woodland hikes and camping.

  2. 5

    Mike Johnson

    I agree with Dan. This is the best heavy .357 magnum load in my 4″ Ruger GP100 revolver. An accurate and powerful woods load, it wrings out all you can get from the .357, without being intimidating to shoot.

  3. 5

    Greg Greene

    This load chronographs mid 1300s out of my 6″ Ruger GP100. Very Powerful! 809 ft/lbs! Accuracy is just fine also.

  4. 5

    John Graff

    This 357 200 grain ammo shoots like a champ out if my 4″ Ruger Security Six. Very accurate with recoil that us quite manageable. Excellent woods round. Repeat customer.

  5. 5

    Joseph Hoes

    Awesome loading! This is the most accurate and powerful load out of my S&W 686! It’s accurate out to 50 yards no problem for deer hunting. Great ammunition!

  6. 5


    I averaged 1360 fps out of my 6″ S&W 586! This stuff is true magnum spec 357.

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