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Caliber: 44 MAGNUM
Bullet Wt: 300gr

Bullet Type: Wide Flat Nose Gas Check
Velocity: 1400 fps
Rounds: 20

M.E.: 1306 ft lbs.

Made in the USA: Yes

Recommended for: Hunting – Deer, Bear; Shooting, Self Defense

2 reviews for 44 MAGNUM 300gr WFNGC

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    Have used this ammo before,just ordered more. Really accurate out of my super Blackhawk and raging hunter. Good price

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    I am shooting a new Colt Anaconda 44mag w/8″ barrel. With this gun, the cartridges fit snugly and don’t fall out easily but come out after firing pretty much ideally. These cartridges can be smoothly speed loaded – a really ideal diameter. The gun shoots these 300grain cartridges very smoothly with a nice feel and will completely penetrate a live 6″ maple log with lots of power to spare (and a big hole in it). The recoil is really pleasant likely due to the weight of the gun, but each of the 60 rounds I shot felt identical and predictable. In initial sighting in, a ricochet cleanly cut a 1″ branch off of a nearby vine maple bush in my shooting canyon after hitting gravel and changing direction about 20 degrees. Power, but with predictable control. Literally an ideal cartridge. My application is bear protection.

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