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Caliber: 44 Special
Bullet Wt: 260 Grain WFNGC
Velocity: 950 fps
Rounds: 20

M.E.: 521 ft lbs.

Recommended for hunting deer, bear, self defense and shooting

1 review for 44 SPECIAL 260gr WFNGC

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    Lonnie Albright

    I am a former Deputy Sheriff and now live in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This round appears to be akin to the Elmer Keith load and works effectively. I have deer, black bear and mountain lion around here and some feral hogs. I keep this load in my revolver on my hip whenever outside. I’m two miles off the paved road. I have purchased this ammo several times now and have not experience any adverse issues with it and will likely purchase more in the future. Very, very pleased buyer.

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